BIKEVETS Veterans Cycling Organization, Altoona PA

is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the mental, physical and emotional well-being of our military veterans.  Serving veterans from all eras, we are assembling the personnel and resources to provide a wellness program that provides the bikes and equipment to veterans to participate in a physically active and challenging bicycling regimen.  Primarily focusing on returning PTSD vets who need a physical and emotional outlet, this program provides a supervised, organized system of therapeutic events and activities overseen by a licensed clinical social worker from the VA Medical Center. 

Additionally, ALL veterans from any era of service are included in what becomes a much needed fitness program alongside other vets who share in the camaraderie and team achievements many of them no longer enjoy as civilians.  While providing a social venue for all veterans, it goes far beyond that as a legitimate therapeutic and wellness program.

"The best bike racers, he knew, usually had deep inner demons that they were running away from.   Bike racing was like chemotherapy of the soul, burning and cauterizing the bad thoughts." ~ from Wheelmen, Gotham Books, 2013, referring to Eddie Borysewicz, trainer to 3-time Tour de France winner Greg Lemond.

To promote the mental, physical and emotional well being of veterans and advocate for their general welfare through cycling and active community service.

Members should exemplify moral and ethical behavior and avoid situations that bring dishonor or ill repute to the organization.

SERVICE: Members will be dedicated to service in assisting their fellow veterans and their communities, contributing in any manner set forth by the organization as their time and resources permit

TEAMWORK: No different than the military units we served, BIKEVETS is a cohesive organization of individual members functioning toward a common goal, be that a ride or a service event, to support each other and succeed in all group endeavors
Shown above is the group photo from our first meeting, the charter and founding members of BIKEVETS.  So far we have issued fourteen bikes and signed up over twenty active members as we grow and reach out to the veteran community. 

At left, David Fodor of City Cycle delivers four more bikes to our Executive Director, Doug Mosley.  These Trek XCaliber 29ers are a perfect match for our vets and how we ride.  Dave and his team at City Cycle have been an integral part of BIKEVETS from our inception. 

The pictures below were all taken along trails that we are including on the ride schedule, showing that central Pennsylvania has some of the most scenic bike rides in the country.  From graceful manicured Rail-Trails to rugged singletrack, some of the best mountain biking is right here in our own back yard.

June 7th at 11:00am - Road Ride, Bellwood to Tyrone and back, approx 20 miles
June 14th at 9:00am - Black Moshannon State Park, 10+ miles, pack lunch, meet at Macy's
June 21st at 1:00pm - Road Ride, Fort Roberdeau Revolutionary Tour, 25 miles, meet at Macy's
June 23rd at 5:30pm - Monthly Meeting, VAMC Meeting Room
June 28th at 9:00am - Shawnee Valley Trails, 10+ miles, pack lunch and meet at Macy's

July 5th at 1pm - Allegrippis - Eagle/Osprey, meet at Macy's at noon or trailhead at 1pm
July 11th at 6pm - WEEKDAY Ride, Ghost Town Trail Ebensburg, 20-30 miles, meet YPCC parking area
July 12th at 1pm - Black Moshannon, meet at Macy's noon or there at 1pm, 10 miles
July 19th at 1pm - Fort Roberdeau road ride rescheduled, 25 miles, meet at Tyrone Park n Ride
July 26th at 10am - Lower Trail (this time without the rain) 32 miles, meet there
July 28th at 5:30pm - Monthly Meeting PMR Conference Room VAMC Altoona

August 2nd at 1pm - Bell's Gap Trail in Bellwood, meet at the trailhead off Rte 865
August 16th at 10am - Ghost Town Trail, meet at YPCC Trailhead parking lot
August 22nd at 5pm - WEEKDAY Ride, 6 to 10 Trail, Hollidaysburg, 11 miles
August 23rd at 10am - Lower Trail, meet at trailhead, 30+ milies
August 30th at 10am at Staple Bend Tunnel, Mineral Point, meet there, easy 8 miles

September 6 at 1pm - 6 to 10 Trail in Hollidaysburg, meet at trailhead, 12 miles
September 10 at 6pm - Monthly meeting, Joe will announce location
September 13 at 11am - Pittsburgh Ride for those who can make it, Point State Park, Incline,
Great Allegheny Passage and lunch at OTB Bike Cafe - meet at parking lot at
1101 Smallman Street, email Doug for info or questions
September 16 5pm - Weekday Ride - Ghost Town Trail Ebensburg Trail head YPCC
September20 at 1 pm
- Blue Knob - meet at Macy's parking lot
September 23 at 1pm - Bell's Gap Bellwood  meet at trailhead
September 27 at 1pm - Allegrippis - Meet at trailhead, call if you need directions

* All road rides and singletrack mountain trails require helmet for participation.

Members are expected to attend the monthly meetings and monthly group rides.  Weekly events are made available for those who are available and want to get together.  We will close out the summer with a century ride in September so everyone better get in as many rides as they can until then!  That is 100 miles in one day, and we plan on a big public event and we need to be ready!

We would like to thank our sponsors for making this program possible: 

Veterans of Foreign Wars local posts 7689 in Roaring Spring and 8724 in Duncansville, along with Bellfonte, Philipsburg and District 22.  Thanks also to Duncansville Legion Riders, all of their financial support has enabled us to get these bikes into the hands of the veterans and onto the trails of Central Pennsylvania.  Without them, we wouldn't be here.   Learn more about the VFW and membership at and in PA specifically, check them out at

City Cycle in Johnstown has also been an important partner to BIKEVETS, providing top quality bikes and equipment to us at a cost we can afford.  City Cycle has been providing Cannondale, Trek and Giant bicycles to the area since the 1970's and can get you on the right bike for your riding style.  Stop by the shop on Elton Road across from the Wal Mart plaza and check them out online at today!

BIKEVETS is a proud membet of the International Mountain Bicycling association.  We support them and their efforts on behalf of mountain bikers everywhere.  For more information on the IMBA, please check them out at

BIKEVETS is also a member of USA Cycling, the sanctioning body that oversees regulated competitions across the country.  Watch for sanctioned events and keep in touch as we strive toward our goal of fielding a race team in 2014!  Inquiries about our race plans can be directed to Associate Director Joe Neary, who is our USAC-registered Race Director.  We plan on running a USAC Sanctioned Century Ride to close out ou summer schedule, so keep in touch and watch for news as things develop!

Make sure and check out the following links!

  • Rails to Trails Conservancy home page, all of the information on the region's Rail To Trails with directions, distance and local attractions
  • Trail Link trail guide, excellent reference to all of the trails and goes above and beyond the Rail Trail systems
  • USA Cycling home page for those competing, including schedules, requirements and permit information.  We hope to be able to field some competitors in the 2014 race season at regional events.  Further details to be discussed at meetings.
  • Giant bicycles home page or the Trek bicycles home page.  The organization is currently issuing Giant and Trek bikes to members.  Visit the manufacturer homepage for specifications and information on your bike.
  • Allegrippis Trails home page and the Trail Map, this is where we will ride most of our singletrack trails.  Familiarize yourself with this map and the difficulty levels of each trail segment or loop.  We will cover the specific trails we ride at the meeting preceding the scheduled group event.  We encourage you to explore your potential but do not want anyone exceeding their abilities and getting injured.  Know your limits and ride accordingly.  Remember, we are here to have fun.

Doug Mosley is the founder and Executive Director of BIKEVETS.  Doug is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and Life Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  Doug has been mountain biking for more than twenty years and knows the impact that a good, outdoor-based wellness program can have on our veterans.  Doug is also an active veterans' advocate in the region, having spoken at events for the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion. 

BIKEVETS Veteran Cycling Organization, 301 Union Avenue #355, Altoona PA  16602
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